New Hampshire primary: Exit polling shows strong independent voter turnout

Unaffiliated voters and moderates appear to be turning out in New Hampshire’s Republican primary, according to preliminary network exit polls, which could be a glimmer of hope for former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s chances in the Granite State.

Voters registered as “undeclared” rather than Republican account for 47% of the turnout in the preliminary exit poll results conducted by ABC News. The record number to date was 45% in 2012. The results found moderates account for 31% of voters, compared with 9% in last week’s Iowa caucuses. Just 24% are very conservative vs. 52% in Iowa.


In New Hampshire, any independent or unaffiliated voter can participate in the Republican primary. The deadline to switch parties was in October. Republicans will not be able to vote in the Democratic
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