Missouri Republicans lose roles and parking spots as punishment for stoking intraparty fights

Republican leaders of the Missouri state Senate announced major changes to committee assignments on Tuesday after several hours of recent intraparty fighting.

Only three weeks into the legislative session, GOP state Senate President Pro Tempore Caleb Rowden removed members of the newly formed Freedom Caucus from their committees. 

“The beginning of the 2024 legislative session in the Senate has been nothing short of an embarrassment,” Rowden said, calling the coalition the “Chaos Caucus.” He went on to say, “A chamber designed to be occupied with civil, principled statesmen and women has been overtaken by a small group of self-interested career politicians, who all too often remind me more of my children than my colleagues.”

Republican state Sen. Bill Eigel, who was removed as chairman of the Committee on Veterans Military Affairs and Pensions and replaced by GOP state Sen.
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