Illinois swatting calls three times higher in 2023 than in 2022

(The Center Square) – The increasing trend of “swatting,” faking dangerous crimes that cause police to respond with force to the victim’s home, has become a popular tactic in Illinois.

Criminologist Currie Myers said these crimes are acts of domestic terrorism that put the lives of both victims and law enforcement in harm’s way.

“Swatting is extremely dangerous. Somebody could get hurt, somebody could get killed and it’s also extremely expensive. The labor resources that are used for tactics to go and respond to these issues can be in the multiple of thousands of dollars,” said Myers.

Myers said for swat calls to stop there must be strict penalties enacted in every state, and prosecutors have to hold the criminals accountable.

“I personally feel that we have seen an increase in narcissism, Machiavellianism and certain psychopathies that include sadism. The best way to foster these dark psychological traits is through the
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