Delaware lawmakers seek rules for artificial intelligence

(The Center Square) — Companies are using artificial intelligence tools to produce various documents, from term papers to home mortgages, but the technology has raised concerns about plagiarism, misinformation, racism and other societal harm.

Delaware lawmakers are pushing new regulations to prevent the emerging machine-learning technology from being abused. One proposal would create the Delaware Artificial Intelligence Commission, a formal body tasked with making recommendations to the General Assembly and Department of Technology and Information on AI utilization and safety. One of the bill’s primary sponsors, state Rep. Krista Griffith, D-Wilmington, said the proposal is “aimed at harnessing the potential of AI while ensuring its safe and responsible utilization” in the state. 

“While this new technology has transformative potential for both the public and private sectors, it’s critical that we recognize the risks and provide the necessary oversight,” she said in a statement. 

A key responsibility of the commission would
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