Councilman in wealthy Chicago suburb asks ‘affluent’ residents to take illegal immigrants into homes

A city councilman in a wealthy Chicago suburb is calling on residents of his “affluent community” to welcome illegal immigrants into their homes as the migrant crisis continues to ravage Chicago.

The influx of migrants who have arrived in Chicago from the southern border is becoming an unendurable burden for the area’s resources, and Naperville Councilman Josh McBroom does not want to see tax dollars fund the transient population, according to a report.

“The public should also know taxpayer dollars are not, and will not, be used to house any potential migrants in the neighborhood. There’s been some misinformation out there.”

The needs of the migrants could rather be met by residents voluntarily welcoming the illegal immigrants into their homes, McBroom suggested.

“We do have a very affluent community, a lot of
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