Biden should ‘stay hidden’ to win election, Van Jones says: ‘He doesn’t inspire confidence’

CNN contributor Van Jones said President Joe Biden should hide from the public view if he wants to win the 2024 election because he “doesn’t inspire confidence.”

Speaking after Trump’s victory in the New Hampshire primary, making him the likely Republican nominee, Jones detailed the strategy he would give the president.

“If I were Biden … I would stay hidden,” Jones said. “And I’ll tell you why — he doesn’t inspire confidence. And he’s not a great messenger for himself. He has done a tremendous job for this economy. Union members, union leaders … are racking up win after win; they should be put forward.”

Van Jones arrives at the premiere of “The 1619 Project” on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023, at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

“There’s something wrong with this campaign,
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