Washington bill would require a convicted sex offender serve on state policy board

(The Center Square) – A Washington bill would require a convicted sex offender be among the members of the State Sex Offender Policy Board, which would also be renamed “Sex Offense Policy Board.”

House Bill 2177 sponsored by Rep. Tarra Simmons, D-Bremerton, would also require a victim of a sex offense serve in an effort to “diversify” the number of backgrounds represented on the board.

While supporters maintain that it will allow greater representation in crafting policies for the conviction and release of sex offenders, some critics say it strays from the board’s original purpose of allowing neutral voices to make recommendations.

Under HB 2177, SOPB would also be restructured to require a member from organizations that represent victims of sex offenses as well as those representing individuals convicted of sex offenses. Although the bill tasks SOPB with consulting the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy on “trauma-informed practices” for selection a
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