Pennsylvania high school reclaims ‘Warriors’ mascot following cancellation

A Pennsylvania district has a sense of its community back after Susquehannock High School reclaimed its “Warriors” mascot following its cancellation.

The Southern York County School District school board voted 7-2 Thursday to bring back the name.

Prior to the vote, there was a roughly two-hour-long session for public comment and a presentation from the Native American Guardians Association.

The community has a history with Native American roots, but the high school was forced to surrender its logo and mascot in 2021 following a school board vote, according to a report.

Now, the at least five new school board members, who ran on pro-Native American platforms, are in large part responsible for seeing the Warriors return to Susquehannock.

“This movement was about erasing Native American culture, and I wasn’t about to stand for it,” school
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