Minnesota Supreme Court to hear arguments about law loosening restrictions on convicted felons voting

The Minnesota Supreme Court is set to hear arguments for a new law that would restore voting rights to convicted felons who are on parole, probation, or work release.

Initially, the state restored voting rights to felons after they were off parole or probation and had paid their restitutions. In March 2023, Gov. Tim Walz (D-MN) approved House File 28, which allowed felons who were still on probation, parole, or supervised work release to vote despite the status of their conviction. The Minnesota Voters Alliance, a conservative organization self-described as “election integrity watchdogs,” attempted to thwart the new bill with a lawsuit in June.

“Even if we assume that the words ‘civil rights’ as used in Article VII, Section 1, were intended to broadly include any right that a person has, it does not follow from the fact
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