Kari Lake doesn’t want voters to get complacent with poll numbers: ‘We got to swamp them’

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Trump rallies seem to be a congregation ground for top political conservatives. Whether it is Donald Trump parading a delegation of South Carolina officials, just to spite Nikki Haley, in an attempt to show he is more popular than the former governor in her own state or a collection of vice presidential hopefuls trying to audition for the job. 

A staple guest seen kissing babies as the crowd chants “VP, VP, VP!” is Kari Lake. Lake stopped for an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner in which she spoke about her support for Trump and why her campaign is taking poll numbers with a disclaimer.

Kari Lake seen kissing babies to the chant of “VP, VP, VP!” at the Trump rally in Rochester, New Hampshire, Sunday, Jan. 21, 2024. (Washington Examiner/Amy DeLaura)

“We the people are not asleep, we the people are awake. We’re
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