House Democrat seeks DOJ investigation into Al-generated robocalls impersonating Biden

Rep. Joseph Morelle (D-NY) is demanding the Department of Justice investigate robocalls generated by artificial intelligence that seemingly feature President Joe Biden’s voice asking New Hampshire residents to abstain from voting in the presidential primary.

The voice, resembling Biden’s, is telling New Hampshire voters to hold off on voting until the November general election, according to a report.

Morelle told Attorney General Merrick Garland in a letter Monday that an investigation is necessary for “preventing the spread [of] AI-generated mis- and disinformation in future elections.”

“This clear bid to interfere in the New Hampshire primary demands a thorough investigation and a forceful response from federal officials to deter further AI-based attacks that will disrupt American democracy and disenfranchise American voters,” Morelle said. 

Last week, Morelle Read more…

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