Google, Amazon, and other tech companies start off 2024 with mass layoffs

Technology companies are starting 2024 by laying off thousands of workers, continuing a trend of job cuts in 2022 and 2023.

Nearly 11,000 employees were laid off in the first month of 2024, according to, a continuation of cuts that began in 2022.

The latest wave of job cuts is the technology companies “trying to overcorrect for their overhiring during the pandemic,” creator Roger Lee told Yahoo Finance. The companies were not prepared for the high-interest-rate economy and the declining interest in tech companies, Lee said, which meant that the firms underestimated the number of cuts they had to make to survive.

Here are the latest technology companies to lay off their staff.

Riot Games

Riot, best known for developing the popular esports team game League of Legends, announced on Monday that it was laying off more than 500 of its staff worldwide —
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