Former House Democrat slams Katie Porter as ‘bully with a white board’

Former Democratic California Rep. Harley Rouda slammed Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) for accusations she made about him being “Representative Rich Guy” when he was serving alongside her in Congress.

Porter said that Rouda once mistook her for a valet, among other accusations, in her memoir in which she asserted that “he ballooned into Representative Rich Guy.” Rouda, writing in the Orange County Register, responded to the accusations — saying they were false and that serving in Congress cost his family money.

“Her anecdotes about me mistaking her for a valet, or about my real estate purchases, or airline seats, indicate she spent a grotesque and inordinate amount of her time in the House of Representatives keeping notes, keeping score, and lying about her peers,” he wrote.

Rouda then attacked Porter for building an image as a “minivan driving, single
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