Food stamps: February Montana SNAP payments worth up to $1,751 to begin in 10 days

Montana’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program will begin its February payments, worth up to $1,751, in 10 days.

Montana‘s SNAP payments are distributed over five days each month, starting on the 2nd. February’s payments will be disbursed from Feb. 2 to 6. The dates recipients receive their payment depend on their SNAP case number, account number, Social Security number, or last name.

Recipients’ household size determines their SNAP payment amount. Single-person households receive $291 per month, while eight-person households receive up to $1,751 per month. In households larger than eight, $219 is added for each additional person.

To qualify for SNAP payments in Montana, a single-person household cannot have a net monthly income exceeding $1,215, and an eight-person household cannot have a net monthly income exceeding $4,214.

SNAP benefits can be used at participating locations, including farmers markets and grocery
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