What is in the DC omnibus crime bill heading before the council?

The Washington, D.C., Council will meet on Jan. 23 to discuss passing sweeping, comprehensive public safety legislation as the district’s crime rates continue to rise after staggering final numbers in 2023.

Among the most common crimes in Washington are carjackings and robberies, with everyday citizens, small businesses, and members of Congress falling victim to repeat offenders. Juvenile crime has soared in the district, as well, as critics say prosecutors are not doing enough to punish young criminals who have gone on to commit the same or more violent crimes.

The council has worked to update the public safety laws that have not been comprehensively changed since 1901.

The district’s governing body overhauled the district’s criminal code in 2022 to reduce offenses and penalties for homicide, robberies, and carjackings, the first time in 100 years that such changes had been
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