US gears up for war with Houthis to stop missile strikes on Red Sea shipping

US INTENT ON DEGRADING HOUTHI FIREPOWER: The United States is preparing to mount a sustained bombing campaign against targets in Houthi-controlled western Yemen that will last until the attacks on international shipping in the Red Sea are deterred or Houthi missile stocks are exhausted.

The plans for an open-ended military campaign follow a meeting of senior officials convened by the White House last week, according to a report by the Washington Post, which quoted one unnamed senior administration official as saying, “We’re not sure that they’re going to stop immediately, but we are certainly trying to degrade and destroy their capabilities.” 

The U.S. military has conducted strikes against Houthi anti-ship missiles five of the last seven days, with the latest strike Saturday against a single target. Last Thursday, President Joe Bien conceded the airstrikes have yet to produce the desired effect. “Are
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