United Airlines rejects Crenshaw’s viral characterization of dispute between wife and ticketing agent

United Airlines is rejecting Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s (R-TX) characterization of a now-viral incident involving his wife and an “unhinged” United employee.

The Texas Republican set his sights on the airline and its CEO, Jack Kirby, on Saturday following an incident involving his wife and an “unhinged” United employee.

Crenshaw shared a video to the platform X in which his wife and her mother can be seen being confronted by a United employee while traveling with two small dogs and an infant.

During the confrontation, Crenshaw narrates how the ticketing agent began to grab Crenshaw’s small dog and his family’s bags after a dispute relating to the dog’s ability to fly.

This is one of the more aggressive videos I’ve ever had to post. You really need to see it all the way
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