Speaker Mike Johnson calls for GOP ‘to unite behind Trump’ and ‘end disastrous Biden presidency’

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has called for the Republican Party to rally behind former President Donald Trump in his effort to replace President Joe Biden.

Johnson’s call comes in the wake of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) suspending his bid for president and endorsing Trump only two days ahead of the New Hampshire primary. Should Trump win the Republican Party’s nomination for the 2024 presidential race, it would likely set up a rematch between him and Biden.

“I endorsed President Trump because he delivered on promises to unleash our economy, secure our border, make America energy independent, and achieve peace through strength – and I believe he will do so again as President, while helping us to grow the majority in Congress,” Johnson wrote on social media. “I encourage Republicans to unite behind President Trump so we can achieve victory in November and end the
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