Republicans losing lead over Democrats as infighting saps majority’s momentum

Republicans are slated for a tight election to keep control of the House of Representatives in November, as infighting has plagued the GOP’s narrow majority in the chamber over the last 12 months.

A Decision Desk HQ/NewsNation poll conducted from Jan. 16-18 shows that Republicans have a narrow advantage over Democrats on the generic congressional ballot, with the GOP leading 44%-43%. The GOP won the congressional ballot nationwide 50.6%-47.8% in 2022.

Republicans hold a 219-213 majority in the chamber but have been dogged by a dysfunctional conference that has had difficulty with several matters, from passing spending bills to electing House speakers.

Eight members of the House GOP joined Democrats in ousting former California Rep. Kevin McCarthy from the speakership in October, and now, some have discussed ousting House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) from his leadership role.

Johnson helped push
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