Liberal Media Scream: Washington Post’s Rubin wants Trump ‘fascists’ reeducated 

This week’s Liberal Media Scream features popular Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin doubling down on her Never Trump campaign.

Appearing on the MSNBC weekend show Velshi exactly a year from Inauguration Day, the onetime conservative opinion writer said that the masses appearing at former President Donald Trump’s rallies “are part of a fascist cult.”

And, she added, “they’re impervious to any kind of data, any kind of information. But what you have to do, if you care about democracy, is mobilize the people who already know that he’s a danger and reaffirm and reeducate the people who are perhaps kind of flirting in the middle — they’re soft Republicans, they’re never Republicans — about the danger of going back to Trump.”

Rubin on MSNBC’s Velshi on Saturday:

“Why it’s perhaps important to go to one of these rallies is to understand why he does have supporters. These people
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