Trump slams Haley over Washington Examiner report on her aide’s left-wing dark money ties

Former President Donald Trump blasted Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley in a Saturday speech in New Hampshire over her top campaign staffer’s ties to a left-wing dark money group, citing an exclusive Washington Examiner report.

“It was just reported that Nikki Haley’s state director in New Hampshire, this is a very bad one, listen carefully, Tyler Clark, did anyone ever hear of him?” Trump asked the crowd.

“He was a lobbyist for the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which is managed by Arabella Advisors, which is the largest Democratic dark money network in the country and considered public enemy No. 1,” the former president added. “That’s who’s managing her campaign. Does that tell you something, perhaps?”

Trump was referring to the Washington Examiner‘s Saturday morning story on how Clark, who is leading Haley’s operation in the Granite State ahead of Tuesday’s
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