Ron DeSantis drops out of 2024 GOP presidential race days before New Hampshire primary

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has suspended his 2024 Republican presidential campaign, the announcement comes just two days before the first in the nation primary in New Hampshire.

DeSantis, 45, announced his plans to drop out of the Republican primary race on Sunday in a video posted on X. In his announcement, DeSantis also issued an endorsement for Trump.


“Trump is superior to the current incumbent Joe Biden. That is clear. I signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee and I will honor that pledge is my endorsement because we can’t go back to the old Republican Guard of yesteryear, or repackage formed of warmed over corporatism that Nikki Haley represent,” DeSantis said.

The Florida governor’s campaign comes to an end six days after he came in second in
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