Ro Khanna claims Haley’s focus is on ‘base that’s never going to vote for her’

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) suggested presidential candidate Nikki Haley is using her comments on racism to pander to a base unlikely to vote for her.

Khanna appeared on Inside with Jen Psaki on Sunday to react to the former United Nations ambassador’s recent statement that the United States is not and has “never been a racist country.” As a fellow Indian-American, Khanna admitted he wanted Haley to do well, even though he admitted, “I obviously don’t agree with her.”

"I just think she has an opportunity to talk as a daughter of immigrants about her story and inspire people. And instead, she's appealing to a base that's never going to vote for her."
@RepRoKhanna on Nikki Haley's claim that America has never been a racist country.

— Inside
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