‘Free speech, brother:’ UFC President Dana White denies giving fighters ‘a long leash’

Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White defended free speech, denying accusations that he has allowed fighters “a long leash” regarding what they are allowed to say.

Following Saturday’s UFC fight, White was told by a reporter that he gives “a long leash” when UFC fighters are onstage in front of a microphone, with the reporter warning White that he is “getting into territory of homophobia, transphobia.”

“I don’t give anybody a leash,” White responded. “A leash? Free speech. To control what people say, and to tell people what to believe? I don’t f***ing tell any other human being what to say, what to think, and there’s no leashes on any of ’em.”

NEW: UFC’s Dana White shuts down woke Canadian journalist who starts talking about ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’ after a UFC fight.

These clowns are completely unhinged.

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