‘Unhealthy’: Ben Sasse rips woke colleges in wake of Harvard scandal

University of Florida President Ben Sasse, a former Republican senator from Nebraska, ripped into other academic leaders regarding their responses to antisemitism on college campuses.

In a Wall Street Journal interview, Sasse said the University of Florida’s stance is that students should be disciplined if they call for the genocide of Jewish people — violating the university’s bullying and harassment policy.

Sasse said higher education is experiencing a critical moment where identity politics have given rise to antisemitism. 

“The culture of ideological conformity and monoculture at those schools is unhealthy not just for them but for the nation at large,” Sasse said. “Some people from the Right … say, ‘Let’s just let it all burn.’ That is not a healthy instinct.”

Three presidents of elite institutions — Sally Kornbluth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Claudine
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