McCarthy foe Tim Burchett could face primary challenge after voting for ouster

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) could draw a primary opponent for the first time since he was elected following his vote to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Former Tennessee state Rep. Jimmy Matlock, a Republican who ran against Burchett in 2018 when the seat was open, told the Washington Examiner that he is seriously considering another bid.

After all the “things that have transpired in the last 90 days” with Burchett, Matlock said he’s been approached to see if he would run for the seat. Burchett was one of eight Republicans to vote for McCarthy’s ouster in October.

“Lots of people have come and said, ‘Hey, this is not what we wanted. This is not what we thought we were getting. This is not what we started out with; things have changed.’ So many of the folks that were not,
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