Louisiana Republicans agree to new map that protects leadership but likely costs GOP a seat

Republicans in the Louisiana legislature have passed a new congressional map that protects House GOP leadership but will likely result in a net loss of one Republican seat in the state’s congressional delegation.

The map, passed in the state legislature by an 86-16 margin in the state House and 27-11 margin in the state Senate on Friday, creates a second black-majority congressional district in the state after a federal judge ruled one must be created. The new map makes Rep. Garret Graves’s (R-LA) seat the new black majority district, meaning the GOP will almost certainly lose the seat given the Democratic Party’s dominance with black voters.

Gov. Jeff Landry (R-LA) is expected to sign the bill authorizing the new map into law after endorsing the proposal earlier this week and arguing it is better than letting a court draw the new
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