Federal judge gives final approval to $6 million discrimination lawsuit against CFPB

A federal judge gave final approval to a $6 million settlement between the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and 85 minority employees over alleged discrimination committed by the federal agency.

Judge Beryl A. Howell gave final approval on Thursday to the settlement, which was proposed in September 2023, and distributed the $6 million among the “Black, African American, and/or Hispanic” employees who alleged discrimination in exchange for releasing their claims against the agency.

Howell said the plaintiffs had “enormous courage” for bringing their claims against a federal agency and also approved $50,000 service awards for the lead plaintiffs at the hearing, according to Law360.

“Suing a federal agency has, to my mind, even greater risk,” Howell said at the hearing. “I do think that takes enormous courage.”

The lawsuit was filed in September 2018 against the agency
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