Cybertruck owners say range per charge is significantly lower than advertised

Some of the very first Tesla Cybertruck owners to drive 10,000 miles in the controversial vehicle have shared their thoughts on the truck.

The owners took to the Cybertruck Owners Forum after reaching the mileage on Jan. 15, to share their likes and dislikes as previous Tesla Model 3 owners. They never towed anything with their newest purchase and expended just under 6,000 kilowatt-hours, with an average of 599 watt-hours per mile. This resulted in a range of between 164 and 206 in their experience. That range number is significantly lower than the advertised range of 320 miles.

As far as charging, they spent the majority of their time charging the electric truck at home with their Tesla Generation 3 wall connector, which took them eight to 14 hours for a complete charge. While on the road, they found the occasional second-generation
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