Speaker Mike Johnson talks boosting healthcare, changing culture at March for Life

WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) promoted a healthcare system and an American “culture that cherishes and protects life” as ways to advance abortion opponents’ cause during an appearance at the largest anti-abortion gathering in the United States.

The speaker addressed a crowd weathering snow and cold at the 51st annual March for Life on the National Mall, and he spoke of changing hearts and minds, expressing optimism for the future of a political movement looking to end abortion.

“Every single person has inestimable dignity and value,” Johnson said, leading a group of elected leaders onstage. Johnson said that the national creed — written with the “theological lucidity” of the founders, he added, referencing English author G. K. Chesterton — was one that protected the right for every person to be born.

“Our national creed is the essence of who we
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