Nikki Haley tells centrists and Democrats: ‘Come back home to the Republican Party’

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has a simple message for moderates, centrists, and independent voters: return “home” to the GOP.

Haley is in a do-or-die battle against former President Donald Trump ahead of New Hampshire’s primary next week. The key to upsetting Trump in the Granite State lies directly in wooing independent voters and moderate Democrats there.

“What I’m doing is telling people what I’m for. If independents and conservative and moderate Republicans like that, I love that,” Haley said Thursday night during a CNN town hall in Henniker, New Hampshire. “If conservative Democrats are saying, I want to come back home to the Republican Party because they left it. I want them back.”


Independent voters make up the largest share of voters
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