Nikki Haley brushes off Trump’s name-calling and birtherism: ‘He feels insecure’

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley dismissed former President Donald Trump‘s increasingly personal attacks against her during a CNN town hall Thursday night.

Moderator Jake Tapper questioned Haley about Trump’s questioning her presidential eligibility as the daughter of Indian immigrants and calling Haley by her legal first name, Nimarata.

Haley remained unperturbed in her response, choosing to take the high road.

“The name-calling? I know Trump well. That’s what he does when he feels threatened. That’s what he does when he feels insecure,” Haley claimed Thursday night. “I don’t take these things personally. It doesn’t bother me.”


The town hall comes five days before the New Hampshire primary. Trump has scheduled at least five events this week to drain attention and support from Haley
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