Justice Department seeks six-month prison sentence for Peter Navarro

The Department of Justice is seeking a six-month prison sentence for former White House adviser Peter Navarro over his criminal contempt of Congress conviction.

Navarro, who worked as an adviser to then-President Donald Trump, was convicted of failing to respond to a congressional subpoena twice last year. Federal prosecutors said that Navarro now deserves a “severe” punishment, and they are requesting a $200,000 fine and prison time.

The former adviser to Trump had attempted to invoke executive privilege when defying the subpoena, but a judge later rejected it.

“The Defendant chose allegiance to former President Donald Trump over the rule of law,” prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memo on Thursday. “He cloaked his bad-faith strategy of defiance and contempt behind baseless, unfounded invocations of executive privilege and immunity that could not and would never apply to his situation.”

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