If only Jim Mattis ran for president

Many Americans don’t appear to be terribly enamored by the prospect of choosing between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden come November. The polls show both men are broadly unpopular, with Biden holding a 39% approval rating (56% disapproval) and Trump holding a 43% favorability rating (52% unfavorable). Could a third-party candidate competitively enter the race? If so, who?

I suspect that he would be loath to return to Washington, but as the world burns fiercer each passing day, I can think of few better prospective candidates than former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. A retired four-star Marine Corps general, Mattis has dedicated his life to the country and its values. He has earned the right to a happy retirement and, since the summer of 2022, to enjoy his marriage. Still, it is at least an interesting thought exercise to consider how better
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