Gabe Kaminsky discusses $1 billion left-wing dark money empire on Ruthless podcast

Gabe Kaminsky stated Thursday that the dark money network Arabella Advisors is distributing over $1 billion to different groups throughout the United States.

Kaminsky, an investigative reporter for the Washington Examiner, has done extensive work investigating dark money groups and was discussing his investigations on the Ruthless podcast. During the group’s discussion, Kaminsky was asked by one of the hosts how much money the Arabella Advisors network gives to different dark money groups.

“Over a billion dollars they’re distributing to organizations each year,” Kaminsky said, eliciting disbelief from the hosts of the podcasts.

One of the hosts described the investigation into Arabella Advisors as one of the most underreported drivers of the country going further to the political left. Kaminsky agreed, adding that the scope of Arabella Advisors is “really important to look at.”

“The groups under Arabella are the
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