Florida woman endures brain damage following fentanyl overdose at dentist: Report

A Florida woman purportedly suffered brain damage and now relies on 24-hour care after she endured a fentanyl overdose during an “unnecessary” dental surgery in Texas.

Maria Lugo Querales experienced the overdose on May 10, 2022, in Marble Falls, Texas, after a dose of anesthesia administered by Dr. Jerry Teague, according to a Wednesday report that cited a lawsuit filed by Lugo’s husband, Luis Espana.

The suit alleges that Teague gave Lugo an excessive amount of anesthesia without first intubating her, and it names at least two other dentists and the clinic as defendants.

Lugo had gone to the clinic for “alleged ‘cavitations’ and the extraction of an asymptomatic root canal-treated tooth,” the report noted.

Teague had disappeared the day before treating Lugo with fentanyl, midazolam, and anesthetic lidocaine, and he had recently been given a cancer diagnosis with less than a year to live, according to the lawsuit.

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