Disgraced Florida GOP chairman avoids one charge but faces investigation over sex tape

Former Florida Republican Party Chairman Christian Ziegler has been cleared of sexual battery allegations by Florida police, but he still could face charges over an alleged sex tape.

The Sarasota Police Department announced on Friday it would be referring a probable cause affidavit for video voyeurism to the state attorney’s office as part of the investigation into Ziegler, which began in October 2023.

“After conducting an additional follow-up interview with the victim and after showing the victim the video recording of the sex act, the victim advised Sarasota Police detectives that she was unaware and did not consent to being video recorded,” the police department said in a news release.

Law enforcement said it conducted “nearly one dozen” interviews, reviewed surveillance footage and cellphone data, along with issuing subpoenas as part of the investigation. The police department said Ziegler
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