DC judiciary committee unanimously passes omnibus crime bill despite some concerns over increased police provisions

The Washington, D.C., Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety unanimously voted to pass a sweeping, comprehensive crime bill on Wednesday despite several of the members voicing concerns over some of the provisions allocated to the police.

The Secure DC Omnibus bill, which was introduced by Councilwoman Brooke Pinto last week, strengthens carjacking laws, mandates shooting reviews, and expands private security for small businesses. Other provisions include increasing maximum sentences for gun-related crimes from one to five years and increasing juvenile pretrial detentions for certain violent crimes, all types of crimes that have increased substantially in the district in recent years.

Councilman Charles Allen, who is facing a recall effort for his perceived lack of dedication to curb crime in Washington, said no one will be 100% happy with all of the bill’s provisions, particularly those
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