Capitol Police threat assessments climbed in 2023 with over 8,000 cases investigated

The United States Capitol Police investigated more than 8,000 threats against members of Congress in 2023, an increase of 500 cases from the previous year.

The agency released data on the threat assessments on Thursday, stating that it investigated 8,008 cases. In 2022, the Capitol Police investigated 7,501 cases. The investigations looked into “concerning statements and direct threats,” the agency said in a release.

Congressional Democrats and Republicans “receive a wide range of threats and concerning statements that are sent through the mail, email, telephone, and social media/the internet,” the Capitol Police said.

The number of investigations in 2023 is still lower than the number recorded in 2021 at 9,625 cases.

“With the political conventions, Member campaigns, and many issues being debated on Capitol Hill, this is going to be a very
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