Biden’s dilemma: It’s hard to deter the Houthis when they are spoiling for a fight

ANOTHER STRIKE, SAME RESULT: Thursday in the Red Sea was another day when a U.S.-owned tanker ship was targeted by Houthi missiles. It was the third this week, and it came several hours after the fifth U.S. strike on missiles in Houthi-controlled Yemen that were “aimed into the Southern Red Sea and were prepared to launch.” 

The U.S. Central Command said U.S. strikes destroyed two Houthi anti-ship missiles and that the later attack missed the M/V Chem Ranger, a Marshall Island-flagged, U.S.-owned, Greek-operated tanker ship. “The crew observed the missiles impact the water near the ship. There were no reported injuries or damage to the ship. The ship has continued underway.”

In a moment of clarity, President Joe Biden admitted the Houthis show no sign of stopping. “Are the airstrikes in Yemen working?” Biden was asked as he was about to board Marine One

“Well, when you say
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