TikTok releases plans for handling election misinformation in 2024

TikTok has announced plans to fact-check and combat misinformation in the 2024 election, adding to a trend of Big Tech companies adopting such measures.

The China-owned app said Thursday it will provide an election guide in the app, which will link to resources on voting, how to register, and how to vote by mail, depending on the state. The company will also bar political ads from being purchased on the app, including branded content. It will require users to identify if images or videos of political content are created by generative artificial intelligence. Finally, TikTok will partner with several fact-checking organizations to verify information on the platform.

“As the technology evolves in 2024, we’ll continue to improve our policies and detection while partnering with experts on media literacy content that helps our community navigate AI responsibly,” the company wrote in a
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