Shipping companies traversing Red Sea use creative solutions to avoid Houthi attacks

To avoid Houthi attacks while traversing the Red Sea, some shipping companies have resorted to putting messages indicating their neutrality or willingness to fight as their destination.

The Houthis began their attack against maritime shipping in the Red Sea on Nov. 19 after declaring war on Israel, the first major expansion of the Israel-Hamas war. The attacks have ground shipping in one of the busiest trading arteries in the world to a halt, leading to a U.S.-led intervention.

Though many shipping companies have halted operations in the area, seeking to avoid the wrath of the Yemeni militant group, others are seeking to continue shipping unrelated to Israel. As the Houthis have declared that only vessels related to or bound for Israel would be targeted, shipping companies aim to signal their neutrality in the conflict, ostensibly sparing them
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