Nancy Mace claims White House ’empowered terrorism’ in Middle East response

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) suggested the Biden administration isn’t “taken seriously at all when it comes to terrorism.”

Mace appeared on the Faulkner Focus on Thursday to respond to President Joe Biden redesignating the Yemeni Houthis as a global terrorist organization after removing the group from the blacklist earlier in his term. The Houthis have consistently targeted cargo ships in the Red Sea.

“You know you can’t project strength on the world stage when there is weakness in the White House,” Mace said. “This White House has empowered terrorism and terrorists around the globe. This White House has empowered our adversaries.”

Mace noted the $6 billion in Iranian assets the White House opted to unfreeze that preceded Iran’s bombing of Pakistan that was also met with retaliatory bombs. According to the South Carolina representative, “no one dared to test”
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