‘Laid the bait’: Houthis not deterred by US strikes or terrorist designation

The Biden administration announced on Wednesday the redesignation of the Yemen-based Houthis as a terrorist entity the same day the U.S. military carried out strikes against the Iranian-supported group.

Houthi forces have carried out more than 30 attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea since mid-November, threatening the global trade industry, in addition to posing lethal threats to every crew member on those ships. They have continued to launch these attacks in spite of international condemnation and limited but repeated military responses.

“What the Houthis have proven is that they are not going to be responsive to U.S. pressure to stop their attacks on the Red Sea, and it’s rather unclear that additional sanctions on the Houthis will cause them to change their behavior,” Katherine Zimmerman, a fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, told the Washington Examiner. “The Biden administration has made clear that it
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