Illinois lawmakers weigh all-mail in voting ahead of 2024 elections

In anticipation of the 2024 presidential election, Illinois Democrats are proposing legislation to allow the state to partake in all mail-in voting, even though concerns over election security have grown in recent years. 

The state House Ethics and Elections Committee, which Democratic state Rep. Carol Ammons, who proposed the legislation, is a member of, considered a bill Wednesday that would give counties the authorization to choose all-mail-in voting for elections, Just the News reported.  

“Vote-by-mail has been proven by way of court order, as well as people’s utilization of vote-by-mail – I vote by mail – that it has been safe,” she said. “There have been no problems. I have not missed a single election. And people who use it increase their voter participation.”

Ammons’s husband, Aaron Ammons, the Champaign County
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