Joe Manchin bombarded by climate activists: ‘We shut him down so hard’

Radical-left climate protesters from the Climate Defiance organization shouted down Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) at a diner on Tuesday in New Hampshire

The Washington, D.C.-based group has a history of interrupting events and targeting politicians over climate policy issues. In a video posted to the activists’ X, formerly Twitter, account, protesters could be heard yelling, “Off fossil fuels, Manchin, off fossil fuels.” 

“The single-largest recipient of oil and gas money, Manchin, blowtorches our planet and gloats,” the organization wrote on X. “He chairs the Senate Energy Committee, and uses this role to protect his personal coal company. He earns more income from this coal company than he does from his senate salary. It shows.”

Manchin managed to exit the restaurant through the kitchen after being surrounded by the group, disrupting what looked like a small speaking engagement, according to
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