IRS moves to dismiss most of Hunter Biden’s lawsuit alleging improper tax disclosures

The Internal Revenue Service asked a judge Tuesday to dismiss parts of a lawsuit Hunter Biden filed against the agency over allegations that IRS agents unlawfully disclosed his private tax information.

IRS officials said in a court filing that the lawsuit should be dismissed because it included claims made by agents’ lawyers, who are not U.S. government employees. Agency officials also said it should be dismissed because Biden seeks damages that are not covered by privacy law.

President Joe Biden’s son had sued the IRS in September 2023 over two claims. The first was that two IRS whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, and their attorneys improperly disclosed his confidential information. The second was that the IRS purposely failed to install safeguards that would protect that information.

The IRS asked that a judge drop a portion of one of
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