House condemns Biden administration over ‘open-border’ policies

The House passed a resolution condemning the Biden administration over its border security policies, accusing the president of threatening national security amid record-high illegal immigration at the southern border. 

Lawmakers voted 225-187, with 14 Democrats voting yes, on a resolution denouncing the Biden White House over the “public safety crisis along the southwest border,” advancing the legislation largely along party lines. The resolution is largely symbolic as it does not include any policy changes or hold any legislative power, but it serves as a messaging bill while Republicans seek to turn their attention to the southern border. 

The resolution decries what House Republicans consider to be “open-border policies” and urges Biden to end his administration’s current border policies. The measure comes after lawmakers, including House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), have repeatedly called on Biden to use his executive power to address the number of illegal immigrants coming
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