Georgia Republicans want to ban ranked-choice voting

(The Center Square) — A pair of Georgia Republicans have proposed legislation to ban ranked-choice voting in the state.

In a news release, Lt. Governor Burt Jones and state Sen. Randy Robertson, R-Cataula, who announced Senate Bill 355 on Tuesday, called out “those on the Left” as among the proponents who want ranked-choice voting. Such a move would open “the door for voter confusion, political manipulation, and increased polarization.”

“Ranked-choice voting is designed to cause confusion and fatigue among voters,” Jones, a Republican, said in an announcement. “This type of voting system, pushed by dark money groups, could cause a drastic increase in the number of ballots being thrown out, disenfranchising Georgia voters. Georgians deserve to have the utmost faith in their elections, and those pushing Ranked-choice voting are only hindering that faith. I am proud to ban this electoral disaster and work to make Georgia’s elections the safest in
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