Food stamps: Georgia SNAP payments for January worth up to $1,751 to end in six days

Georgia will wrap up sending out benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to qualified low-income residents for January in six days.

SNAP is distributed from Jan. 5 to Jan. 23 in the Peach State. SNAP payments will be issued to recipients’ accounts on days depending on the last two digits of a beneficiary’s client ID. For example, IDs ending in 90-99 will receive their benefits on Jan. 23. 

The exact payout SNAP recipients receive is dependent on variables such as assets, household size, and income. The maximum payment that a household of one can receive is $291, the maximum payment for a household of five is $1,155, and $1,751 is the maximum payment for a household of eight. For each household member after eight, $219 is added.

Georgians can use their benefits to purchase eligible food items at participating grocery or convenience
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